Alumina Refinery Case Study for Mining

Alumina Refinery Case Study for Mining

Pumping pregnant liquor from the digestion stage to clarification tanks is commonly done in aluminium refineries. The solution is hot, highly corrosive and accurate flow measurement is challenging.

We found early tests using clamp on ultrasonic flowmeters have yielded great results.

Equipment used:

  • Flow measured using a Flexim Portable F601 with special high power transducers.
  • Pipe diameter 408mm steel with a wall thickness of 10.16mm.
  • Fluid Temp: 70 deg C

Flow was measured within 1% of existing inline DP/Orifice flow meter

DP/Orifice plates installed provide accurate measurements however they require regular maintenance. The impulse lines have to be cleaned out and pressure transmitters tested and calibrated.

Pipes are also cleaned with Caustic every 12 months and any inline equipment is normally removed. Ultrasonic meters mounted externally will reduce downtime. The overall heath and safety, risk of subjecting workers to this environment is a major concern and the Flexim ultrasonic system is a major advantage.

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