Born In The USA – Our recent visit to Teksco

Born In The USA – Our recent visit to Teksco

Flowservices staff recently had the pleasure of meeting with suppliers Teksco in Texas USA. Teksco are world renowned for the manufacture of high quality Compuflow Doppler flowmeters. Their true “ Born in the USA” flowmeters have been designed and built over the last 25 years.


A pleasant 4 hour drive from San Antonio to Harlingen in Texas gave us an opportunity to savour the Texas countryside. The broad Texan accent and the even broader Texan smile was most welcoming after 25 hours in transit from Australia.


James and the staff went to great lengths to make us feel welcome, spruced up the factory and even got dressed up for the occasion. In typical Australian style we went to the meeting dressed in shorts and Crocs but the Texans took that in their stride.


The Mexican representative was also present and together with James took great delight in teaching us about “hot” cuisine at a local Mexican restaurant. Alan indulged in the local’s favourite dish- goat on the spit with Jalapenos on the side.

Locals recommendation: goat on the spit with jalepenos


The focus of the meeting was to exchange ideas and build stronger relations between Flowservices – the sole Australasian representative for Teksco’s Compuflow range of Doppler and Insertion flowmeters.


We were introduced to a number of new innovations that included:

• High power Doppler meter for difficult applications with high slurry

• New Portable Doppler flowmeter with Aluminium casing

• Hybrid Doppler flowmeter to measure flow in virtually all liquids in a pipe

• New Insertion Magflow meter to suit 2” to 200” diameter pipes with a single sensor

• New low cost Doppler flowmeter with same high power sensors

• Remote data retrieval systems using latest wireless technology.

• Doppler flowmeter for use on Basalt lined pipes.

• Electronic Bubble generator to assist Doppler measurement in clean liquids.

• Ex – Explosion proof flowmeters with small casing and low cost

• High temperature solutions for non intrusive measurement Doppler sensors.


Thanks to Teksco and the team for a wonderful visit. We will be back.


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