Buried Flow Meters For Any Pipe

Buried Flow Meters For Any Pipe

Introducing a NEWER, SAFER and more COST EFFECTIVE way to measure your flow with Flexim Ultrasonic Flowmeters.

The concept of flow meters installed on buried pipes has been around for many years. Magflow and other types of flowmeters are installed by shutting off the flow, cutting the pipe, attaching appropriate flanges and fittings. Water is turned on, the meter tested then sealed and covered.


The overall risk and cost including the manpower involved, safety, risk of contamination, plant shutdown and disruption to end users can escalate quickly. Further problems arise if the magflow is faulty. The pipe has to be exposed, flow shut down, removed and then reinstalled. Large volumes of water are often present and drain out into the working area. The water has to be pumped out and the working area or pit has to be secured and shored up to prevent caving of walls.


A newer, safer and more cost-effective method that avoids ALL of these issues has been devised by Flexim Ultrasonic Flowmeters. Gear can be installed with no disruption to the worksite and no shutting down of any flow, and provides an exceptionally accurate reading that can be obtained practically instantaneously once the gear is installed.


We know this sounds too good to be true, and we are happy to prove any disbelievers wrong!


Alan on site, preparing the pipe and meter to be buried:

Flexim Hope Vly Terminal Sensors 1


Quick and easy installation – we come to you!

An installation is straightforward, with one of our friendly technicians coming to meet you wherever the pipe is located. The meter is directly attached to the outside of the existing pipe then buried. This eliminates most of the issues associated with buried  in-line or mag flow meters.


There’s no pipe we can’t measure!

The meter can be attached to a range of different pipe sizes and materials including (but not limited to) DICL, CLS, HOBAS, HDPE and concrete.


A meter at a recent job, ready to be buried:

Denzo on Ultrasonic K sensors 826 mm diameter IMAG0288.jpg


Low-risk installation, increased safety and no maintenance

You will be happy to hear that no existing networks have to be shut down for the installation of the meter, the pipe does not have to be cut and there’s no contamination of existing pipeline. Sensors are the size of a cell phone so there is no lifting gear or special machinery required. You can install bury and forget about the meter.


Dial Flowservices before you dig.

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