Coal Mine-Dewatering

Coal Mine-Dewatering

Flowservices recently supplied 13 clamp- on flowmeters to a major Coal Seam Gas company in the Surat Basin working with coal mine-dewatering. A local electrical company had previously installed a number of mechanical meters. Whilst the cost was low they often failed after a short time in service. The problem was identified and attributed to the muddy water, high solids and abrasive action of the water.

HOW WE SOLVED THE PROBLEM for Coal Mine-Dewatering

  • The customer did not want to shut off the remote pump stations Coal Mine-Dewatering.
  • Flow transducers were clamped onto 350mm HDPE pipes with 20mm wall thickness.
  • This allowed quick removal and simple re-installation on any future projects.
  • Unnecessary tapping and entry into the pipes was avoided.
  • Solar panels packs were installed to provide power to the meters.
  • Maintenance will not be required as the transducers are not in contact with the liquid.
  • Air locks in the system were detected and re positioning of the sensors allowed uninterrupted flow measurement.

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