Eating Well When You Work and Live Away From Home

Eating Well When You Work and Live Away From Home

Do you work in the mines and live on a campsite? Are your meals provided to you in buffet form? Have you looked in the mirror lately and noticed you’re getting softer around the edges?

I’ve been there, done that!


One of the best (and worst?) parts of working in the mines and being away on camp, is the canteen. All that food, the buffet breakfast, roasts, and chips… so many hot chips.


I don’t know about you but when you are faced with choosing breakfast between some muesli and measly milk versus a big cook up, bacon is going to win every time.


The problem is, this does not give you the energy to last all day and the added downside of the weight gain. Fellas, can anyone relate?


Despite the limited resources, it is possible to get good nutrition that will sustain you throughout the day onsite.

When you get up at 4:30am it’s hard to say no to this!

Starting with breakfast, it’s time to say goodbye to those 10 rashers of bacon. A cooked breakfast is great for long lasting energy, so long as you maintain portion control and your pick your sides wisely!


As Erin Coleman explains in this article, bacon and eggs can increase your cholesterol and heart pressure. Two large eggs and 3 rashers of bacon contain around 462 calories, almost ¼ of the average male’s daily allowance of calories.


Try balance the fried food out by having cereal as an alternative every couple of days (Weetbix is a great protein rich option) and not overindulging during the rest of your meals throughout the day.


Always take fruit with you for your morning tea and nuts or muesli bars (try read the nutritional info on the packaging first as these are also prone to being full of sugar, but can be a good choice if you have extremely limited options).


Cut out soft drinks and replace them with water. For those really hot days, a drink that has increased electrolytes and adds extra hydration such as Gatorade is okay, but not daily and if you prefer a natural version with maximum hydration, coconut water is your best friend.

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Is this how you and your mates view yourself on site?

Meat and veggies are great for dinner, just avoid sauces which have a high sugar content and say no to chips and garlic bread! These carb filled sides are not only going to give you instantaneous weight gain, they will slow your metabolism reducing your energy. Another surprisingly sugary and fatty side is coleslaw, skip this and go for some rabbit food that isn’t doused in mayo.


These simple changes, along with an eye on your portion size (we know you’re missing home but food will not fill that void, not really) will make a huge difference not only in how you look (no more soft edges) but also how you feel and will ensure that you are maximizing your energy levels every day.

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