Flowservices Structural Changes – Still Bringing You Great Service

Flowservices Structural Changes – Still Bringing You Great Service

Flowservices are proud to have supplied and serviced Australia for over 10 years in ultrasonic flowmeters. We have a long standing partnership with Flexim, the incredible creators behind the main meters we use. The German manufacturing is second to none, and in fact they are so reliable that we include a personal guarantee on every meter we sell! We have recently gone through some structural changes and hopefully we can explain them a bit further here.

You may have seen from this post here we introduced our partners in Flexim.


With the reach of Flexim flowmeters expanding so rapidly, both in Australia and worldwide, they have taken a more focused approach to supplying Australian customers.


While our director Alan previously flew from Perth to Sydney and back in a week, he no longer has to stretch so far. Flowservices is the official Flexim representative for Queensland, delivering the same personalised service and consistent and reliable expertise. From Roma to Cairns and back to the Gold Coast, we have your flow measurement needs covered.


For our clients in Vic, Sydney, SA and WA, Flexim has a strong team of fantastic reps – their full details are here.


So rest assured we have not left you high and dry, but you will now be in the very capable hands of these fantastic distributors.


We will do our best to advise you along the way of any further changes.


For any enquiries about the change, or if we can assist you with any flow measurement questions and you are based in Queensland, we would love to chat to you. Call our friendly team directly on 07 5657 9467 or shoot us an email at info@flowservices.com.au

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