Our Free Essential Flow Survey Guarantees Results

Our Free Essential Flow Survey Guarantees Results

The easiest way to try out ultrasonics is with a flow survey; this service is highly recommended before finalising a quotation.

It is free and without obligation and allows both parties to achieve the following:

• Physical inspection of site to determine exact cable lengths, access, mounting method and final location of transducers and controller
• Installation of Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter to record actual flow data from each pipe
• Determine pipe condition, diameter, wall thickness and special coatings

• Diagnostic test and fingerprint of velocity, flow, sound speed, Reynolds number

• Determine any disturbances such as valves or bends which may influence the accuracy

• Check flow direction. Often negative flow is not known, turbulence, aeration in the pipe

• Selection of transducers single or dual channel and potential cost saving

• Avoidance of additional terminations, and Junction boxes. Single run of cable from transducer to meter up to 300m

• Produce a detailed report with flow data and recommendations

• Reduce unnecessary civil costs by knowing existing civil structures – pits, conduits, valves or existing in line flowmeters

• Investigate optional sensor placement by exposing pipe and allowing for a buried sensor

• Correct sensor placement and test without changing existing structure should be achievable

• Total time per site is typically less than 1 hour, including confined space procedure

Book in a flow survey

If you are based in Queensland would like to arrange a site survey, contact Alan directly on 0427 737 988 or alan@flowservices.com.au to book in a time! With over 10 years industry experience you are in the best hands.

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