LNG: Where Flowmeters Go To Fail

LNG: Where Flowmeters Go To Fail

The rarely untouched LNG application is a flowmeters worst nightmare. LNG applications have traditionally been beset with problems with ice-ball buildup and in Australia, extreme heat which is subsequent to complete measurement failure.


At sub-zero or extreme heat temperatures, the cost of a shutdown is not justifiable for maintenance or repair of a flow meter. As seen in so many application, a vortex shredder meter is used to measure flow. Most LNG applications will cause the vortex meter to fail constantly. After a few shutdowns for servicing, some of the components of the vortex shredder flow meter eventually become obsolete. Plant engineers get tired of being in the heat to repair and maintain the existing flow meters.


The Wave Injector – the product that will revolutionize extreme heat Flow measurement. The Wave Injector has the ability to measure flow at temperatures ranging from -135°C to 400°C. There are numerous benefits from using the Wave injector systems due to its noninvasive nature. The safety of the operator and the plant is not put at risk during the installation. By avoiding process
shutdown, the overall efficiency is increased when compared to installing an inline meter. The startup of the FLEXIM Wave Injector requires minimal effort and is retrofitted to
existing pipes and systems.

The flexibility of the Wave Injector allows measurement across
different liquids of viscosities and temperatures. Since the WaveInjector is a purely mechanical device, it can be used in explosion hazardous areas without any further certifications. All these benefits and characteristics add up to the reason why FLEXIM boldly meters flow, where no meter has gone before. At Sub-Zero to extreme heat, FLEXIM stands alone.

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