The Smart Way To Measure Pump Flow Rate

The Smart Way To Measure Pump Flow Rate

We read with interest this article in a recent edition of Pumping Industry. Pumps are the heartbeat of most industries transporting liquid, air or slurry. That is why it is critical to measure pump flow rate efficiently and accurately.


Many likenesses can be drawn to the human heart – If you look after it will serve you for many years. If you neglect, overload, stress or pump things it wasn’t designed for it will fail prematurely – if it stops you stop.


Pumps move fluids, air and other components in pipes through pipes which are the arteries and veins of industry. If they get clogged, over pressurized the media moving in the pipes will not be transported as they were intended. More importantly is that the pumps connected to those pipes will be affected.


Pumping efficiency can be determined by the power they draw, the rpm, head pressure and many other variables. It is most important when testing a pump to know what the actual flow rate is vs the expected flow capacity of a pump.

There are many ways to determine that but they mostly rely on assumptions, calculations, physical draw down tests or in- line flowmeters. These meters are normally very reliable however they also drift and are affected by the same issues affecting the pumps.


If the flow on a pipe is in doubt and the flow meter measuring that flow is unreliable then the problem is compounded. That begs the question “Is it the pump or is it the flowmeter”?


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The smart way to measure the exact flow rate of a pump without interruption, stoppage or any intrusion is a reliable Ultrasonic Flowmeter with traceable calibration. The Flexim meters operate in the most demanding applications with pipe diameters from 6mm to 6500 mm on almost all pipe materials, DICL, MICL, STEEL, CONCRETE, GRP, HOBAS, BLUE BRUTE, HDPE and many more.

Flowservices have been supplying Flexim clamp on flowmeters for nearly 17 years


We provide 3rd party on site flow testing, hire, service and sales of the most advanced clamp on flowmeters.
Simply let us know and we will contact you to discuss how we can assist your team to determine the most trusted method in determining pump performance.

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