On Site Flowmeter Validation Using Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Real Life Application: On Site Flowmeter Validation

Alan recently completed an on site flowmeter validation test to confirm flow in a newly installed magflow meter. A local council were concerned that the new magflow meter that had been installed was not reading the flow correctly. There was no other simple way to confirm that the flow was accurate.

Within 20 minutes of reaching site, Alan had setup the Flexim F601 with CDM transducers and was able to quickly confirm that the new mag meter was within the specified accuracy. You can see the two meters below:

Flowmeter 1   Flowmeter 2

At Flowservices we have worked with Flexim Ultrasonic flowmeters for over a decade because we know they work. In fact we believe in them so much we guarantee all of our flowmeters.

With years of hands on experience, Alan loves solving hard to fix problems.

So ask the team who know flow! e: info@flowservices.com.au or p: 07 5657 9467

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