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Ultrasonic Flowmeter For Energy Applications

Energy measurement is vital in heating and cooling systems. Universities, high rise buildings and hospitals require uninterrupted energy supply.

Medical institutions simply cannot turn off energy systems and require highly reliable accurate energy metering systems. Thermal energy is mostly distributed in copper and carbon steel pipes to points where heating or cooling is required. Building managers need to know total energy and consumption of individual consumers.

Ultrasonic clamp on meters allows the user to measure heat flow and distribution from the outside of pipes without intrusion into the pipe. This is achieved by using clamp-on ultrasonic flow transducers in conjunction with two clamp on surface temperature sensors. FLEXIM has developed a clamp on energy metering system with integrated heat quantity calculator. A unique portable energy meter to compliment permanently installed devices makes on site testing a breeze. The ultrasonic flowmeter for energy is quickly and easily deployed without disruption to networks. Minimal site-work is required where only a small section of lagging is removed to allow for placement of clamp-on transducers. Recording of heat distribution, heat balances, non-intrusive inspections of heat consumption and distribution can be made quickly. Building managers are now able to identify accurately where energy losses occur and make changes or repairs.

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The easiest way to try out ultrasonics is with a flow survey; this service is highly recommended before finalising a quotation. It is free and without obligation and allows both parties to achieve the following: