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Ultrasonic Flowmeter For Gas Applications

Clamp on ultrasonic flow meters are perfectly suited for accurate measurement of Methane, Natural Gas and high-pressure pipelines

Traditional Orifice Plate, V cone, Turbine and inline ultrasonic flow meters, whilst highly accurate and reliable, still require intrusion into the pipe. High pressure applications utilize special schedule 80 or higher carbon steel pipes to safely contain and transport the gas over hundreds kilometres. The application of clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter for gas gains further importance on larger pipes and more so on higher pressures, higher velocity gas transmission lines. The clamp- on transducers can be attached to the external wall of pipes irrespective of pipe size, pipe material, gas composition – and most liquids. Installation is performed without intervention and high-risk, costly shut down.

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The easiest way to try out ultrasonics is with a flow survey; this service is highly recommended before finalising a quotation. It is free and without obligation and allows both parties to achieve the following: