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Ultrasonic Flowmeters For Large Pipes

Flow measurement on large pipes are often costly, difficult to install and require expensive on-going maintenance. Traditional flowmeters such as mag flow meters are not viable and users opt for insertion style meters.

They however require technical specialists for installation with high risk of leaks and contamination. Traditionally pipes were constructed of carbon steel, cast iron or ductile iron DICL, CICL and lined with concrete to increase longevity. Concrete pipes are still widely in use and manufactured with steel re-enforcing. New manufacturing techniques utilize HDP, PVC, Blue Brute, UPVC, Hobas, Perspex, and Fibreglass – GRP, GRE, rubber and synthetic materials. Further protection on pipes utilize Sinter Coat, bitumen, anti-corrosion paint, epoxy and other flexible exterior coatings.

Flexim ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters are well suited to any pipe material or coating and installed on the outside of the pipe. High power transducers are designed to punch ultrasonic signals through thick walls, pipe liners and steel re-enforcing. On board diagnostics produce a unique ultrasonic fingerprint which can be used retrospectively for calibration and functional testing.

Water saving measures throughout Australia have seen a sharp decline in water consumption. This has highlighted inaccuracies at very low flow conditions in pipes. Flexim ultrasonic meters have been designed to accurately measure extremely low flows in water and waste-water (raw sewage) down to 0.01 m/s

Cost of ownership, installation and ongoing maintenance costs are greatly reduced by using Flexim’s advanced clamp on ultrasonic flowmeters for large pipes.

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